[1-Click Upsells] How to Turn $10 Into $46

The other day, another website we run, Get10000Fans.com ran a sale. We took an ebook we wrote about facebook marketing, and lowered the price for a limited down, all the way down to just ten bucks.

I’m sure our competitors look at us like we’re crazy. Some of them even get upset that we’re devaluing our products so much because it forces them to do the same thing.

But here’s the crazy part.

We actually generate more revenue when we lower our prices. Why? I’ll explain…

Lower Prices Mean More Customers

For starters, when we lower our prices, more people buy the product. It’s simple math. We actually saw a 100% increase in conversions when we lowered our price from $47 to $10.

Instead of selling 50-60 copies of the product, we ended up selling 128 copies. Not bad.

But that’s not where it stops. There’s no way we’d be happy with just $1,280 in sales.

Turning $10 Into $46

Before we ran the sale, we made sure we had a couple 1-click upsells in place. We displayed these “upsells” immediately after the customer purchased the $10 ebook. The upsell’s job was to show the customer another product they might like, with the opportunity to get it at a discount.

The first offer was for a much larger product, normally priced at $397. This product was a perfect compliment to the original ebook. (that’s a critical point)

Make sure when offering other products to new customers, you’re not sabotaging the first sale. That’s the fastest way to increase refunds.

So, we offered a 50% discount, enabling the customer to get it for just $197.

The result? 12% of the people took us up on the offer, leading to $2,955 in extra revenue.

The second offer was for a premium product called the Fan Page Funnel. This course sells for $1,997 and is currently off the market. (customer desire will increase even further if the offer if for a product they can’t get normally)

Again, we lowered the price by 50% and split it into a payment plan. (12 payments of $97)

The result? 14% of new customers bought the course, leading to $1,649 in sales. And remember, that’s$1,649 per month for the next 12 months.

Add the original $1,280 in ebook sales to the “upsell revenue”…and you’re at $5,884.00.

$5,884 from 128 customers = $46 per customer. That sure beats the $10 our competitors think we’re making doesn’t it?

How You Can Increase Your $/Customer

So, how can you boost your average order size? It’s a pretty simple answer. Add 1-click upsells to your checkout process.

Remember, there’s only 3 ways your business can make more money:

  1. Get more customers
  2. Get your current customers to spend more with your company
  3. Get your current customers to spend more often with your company

The article is all about #2. Convincing customers to spend more with you is normally achieved by raising your prices. If you don’t want to take that route, the best alternate is offering other products for them to buy.

Marketing Myth: a lot of people think offering other products to customers is annoying.

This drives me crazy. If a customer loves your brand, they want to know what else you sell. They want to know what other problems you can solve for them.

Think of a brand you love. Maybe it’s Apple. Ford. Amazon. Whatever.

The last time released a new product did it upset you? My guess is no.

Loyal customers love finding out about new products their favorite brand creates. And your customers will too.

All you need is a second product.

Creating Your 1-Click Upsell

If you’re using PayPal, 1-click upsells are almost impossible to setup. But you can still get the job done.

All you need to do is create a sales page for your upsell product and make that page the “thank you” page after someone buys.

All new customers will now visit that page as soon as their order is complete.

Want our pre-tested template for 1-click upsell pages? You can get it FREE by clicking the image below…


The only downside is this isn’t a true “1-click” upsell because they’ll have to enter their credit card info again. But it should work ok. (something is better than nothing)

Other tools like InfusionSoft and Shopify require custom plugins or scripts. And even then, sometimes you’re forced to use “pre-checkout” upsells which lower conversion dramatically.

The Easy Solution

The good news is we built upsells into SamCart so you can set them up on your own. You don’t need any coding experience either. All you have to do select one of the templates we have already designed for you, and you’re set.

Here’s a look at one of our upsell pages I referenced above:


The only thing I had to do on that page was record the video. SamCart did the rest. Pretty simple.

Plus, now you can split test which upsells work better. Which means you can boost your conversions (and sales) even higher by testing different prices, designs, etc.

Download This Template, FREE

Whether you use SamCart or not, you should download our “Ultimate Upsell Page” template, which is the actual HTML file so you can copy and paste it right onto your own site. (or just use SamCart and let us do all the hard work for you)


Comment Below: If adding an upsell could boost your sales by 25-50%, how much more would you make per month?

  • The 1-click upsell feature was the main reason why I signed up for the beta. I can’t wait for version 2.0 and creating my first product with it.

    • 🙂 Only a few days left @onderhassan:disqus

  • Craig

    Can’t wait! Will Samcart work with Shopify?

    • Hey Craig, why would you use SamCart and Shopify? We’re both shopping carts.

      • Craig

        Shopify would be the platform to sell my products… for example manage my inventory, etc.

        • Scott

          Hey Craig, Shopify is very similar to SamCart as far as what needs it serves for you.

          SamCart has features that shopify does not (ex: 1-click upsells, integrations with popular email marketing platforms, etc.), but make sure to check out everything you can with SamCart & Shopify, because you may not need both depending on your needs.

          • I actually just signed up for shopify as my thinking is to have a general ecommerce store on shopify, and build product specific sales funnels in samcart.

            Scott or Brian. so pumped for the launch!. if you are not (yet) integrated with shipstation.. can I manually capture shipping info during checkout.. and can you point me in the right direction of who is using samcart to sell PHYSICAL products?

            Thanks so much guys.. I can see all your hard work paying off.


          • @Kombucha_Tea:disqus does shopify let you customize the “add to cart” buttons for products in your store? I wouldn’t think they would, since they probably want you to use Shopify for the entire process. Let me know, I’m curious.

          • hey Brian! I am just building out the shopify store right now.. but my gut tells me that you are correct and it will NOT allow you to link.

            My thinking is to use shopify as a typical ecommerce store… you guys are killing it.. but it seems like you don’t have a store builder right out of the gate, so it is more of a hedge to quickly get all my products up (and moved over from my current woocommerce store).. while I continue to learn sam cart’s functionality and build out funnels.

            I will rely on mailchimp right now to “integrate” both carts to keep track of customer’s purchases…

            though ideally I’d love to just use SamCart for my ecommerce shop.

            Congrats on the big day man!!


            ps: did you ever get the package I sent?

  • Really looking forward to this.

    • Scott

      So are we Jason! Thanks for reading 🙂

  • Mike

    Looking forward to your Launch. Will you be compatible/ work with Kajabi?

    • Scott

      Hey Mike,

      We reached out to Kajabi about an integration, and they turned us down actually. I would reach out to them and let them know you would be interested in a SamCart/Kajabi integration.

      We’re happy to build out whatever you guys ask for!

  • Aldo

    Hi, when you guys will make SamCart available in Brazil? I mean there´s a lot of people here interested in the product, but still there is no payment gateway to integrate with SamCart.

    • Scott

      Hey Aldo,

      The good news on that front is that when we launch on the 23rd, SamCart will be ready to go with Stripe, Authorize.net, Braintree, NMI, and Easy Pay Direct.

      Adding in these new options means that people like yourself can choose a payment provider that works great in their own country!

  • Awesome stuff!

    Will there be more than one upsell page template this time around guys?

    • Scott

      Hey Dean,

      Our template library now has 5 full templates (dozens more on the way, had to stop publishing so we could finish up and launch 😉 ), and each of these templates has it’s own upsell design as well.

      As for creating the upsells, we are already working (and might have it ready for launch, we’ll see!) on a Page Builder, which will make dropping in videos/headlines/etc. even easier.

  • Matt Monahan


    • Would love to be able to use paypal with one click upsells (that would be huge although I don’t think it’s possible)

      • Hey @matt_monahan:disqus and @dean_phillips:disqus we’re working with the guys at PayPal now, figuring out a way to make 1-click upsells happen, hopefully. No promises yet but we’re working on it. 🙂

        • The Pencilneck

          But PayPal is otherwise integrated on Monday, yes?

          • No, PayPal is not live yet. You can use Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.net, NMI, and EasyPayDirect right now. We’re still working on PayPal.

          • when do you project having paypal integrated?

          • Scott

            Tough to give exact dates on things like this. We are already working on a “basic” paypal integration, and should have that ready to go in just the next few weeks.

            The advanced integration Brian referred to will take some more development time.

          • Hey guys,

            What payment processor would you recommend for getting paid the fastest?

            (obviously when using cold traffic we want a return on our ad spend and Stripe is currently a 7 day transfer wait for us UK peeps)

          • Scott

            We use Stripe ourselves, and have a 2-day transfer, which is the fastest we’ve ever had. Infinitely faster than Authorize.net, PayPal, etc. and without any holds.

            Can’t speak for all the merchant processors we have available, though. And of course, this stuff differs by country.

          • any updates on this???

          • Jeff

            Will we be able to take Paypal payments by integrating Paypal through Braintree? I believe you can accept Paypal thru Braintree as long as Braintree is used as the merchant account and not just the gateway.

  • Hi guys loving SamCart … any ETA on when it will be fully integrated with OptimizePress? For now I’m doing a workaround but would love if it’s fully integrated.

    Also with the new SamCart will I be able to do limited payment plans again? Meaning I set up a checkout where you pay $97 per month for 6 consecutive months and then it stops billing the person automatically?

    I know SamCart used to allow us to do that but you pulled it off for the time being right?

    • Scott

      Hey John!

      Are you asking when SamCart will be integrated with OP Member, the Optimize Press membership plugin?

      And yes, you have full customization of payment options. You can do “setup fee” type payments [$99 today, and then $50/month after that], free trials, paid trials, limited recurring payments [6 payments of $19.95] and everything in between.

      • Yes, sorry, I meant Optimize Member. And that’s great news on the payment options!

        • Scott

          Right! Already working with James Dyson and his team on an OP Member integration.

          Stay tuned 🙂

  • Derrick Horvath

    Sorry for the very off topic question, but I noticed your site changed a little. It used to be an OP theme. Is this still OP, just custom coded? I like the full width blog layout and the CTA at the top.

    • Scott

      Yep, pretty off-topic 😉

      Custom design.

  • Blair

    Hey Guys,

    Great post and thanks for the update. I signed up for the beta and am excited to start using SamCart.

    My questions is this: Say I run traffic to a lead magnate optin page (single optin), the user opts in, then on the thank you page I make them an offer and they take it.

    If I have SamCart integrated with my email client, will it know to put that new lead who just purchased from my thank you page on a “buyers list” (list set up already in email client)?

    I have had the issue of this not working by using paypal and getresponse (only using paypal because I am shipping a physical product and it is easy for postage etc) and it has made things a bit messy for me on my list.

    I figure you guys must have that figured out since I know you use that kind of flow (selling form thank you pages etc), not sure if it is just that Infusionsoft lets you do that or what.

    Also, any word on when you will be all set to integrate with Activecampaign – I know were already working on it before.

    Thank you!

    • Hey Blair, yep. You can add/remove any customer to any “list” in whatever email marketing tool you’re using. I’ll attach a photo showing you how you do it in SamCart.

      • Scott

        And to add to that, should your new subscriber purchase that first offer, you can choose have SamCart immediately move them to a “Buyer” list, and simultaneously remove them from the “Lead” or “Prospect” list they just joined.

        Very cool setup, makes the automation piece very easy.

        • Blair

          Hey Guys,

          Thanks so much for the response! You really have built something wonderful! Excited to get going with it, I am launching a whole new site and this is going to make it sooo easy and streamlined! Great support as well!

          • Scott

            Thanks Blair!

            Really excited to get this out there, and we take a lot of pride in the support we offer. I’ll pass that along to our team 🙂

  • Niko Imeraj

    Hey guys

    What currencies will Samcart work in?

    I specifically would have a need for Danish krones (with stripe). Is that possible?

    That was the main reason why I didn’t become a paid client about a year ago, when you guys launched at first.


    • Hey @niko_imeraj:disqus yeah Stripe now supports krones so we can support it too. It’s not active in our system yet, so I’ll talk to our dev team and see when we can make it live.

      • Niko Imeraj

        Hi @Brian Moran:

        Great to know. What can I expect from here on then?

        When will you be able to tell me more ? 🙂

        And how will you tell me?


        • Scott

          That’s a lot of questions 🙂

          As usual, we communicate through the blog, email, and in-app notifications. Stay tuned.

          • Niko Imeraj

            Hi @scottymoran:disqus just to be clear; I meant of course regarding the Danish krones. 🙂

            Brian correctly noted that stripe now supports Danish krones and he also confirmed that he would talk to dev about adding support for Danish krones.

            And now I am specifically asking when and how I could expect to hear more about this? : )


          • Scott

            Hey Niko,

            Tough to give exact dates, our development schedule is busy and setbacks happen.

            SamCart does currently accept payments in Kroner, and you would have no problem processing payments in that currency right now. The only thing to add would be the ability to DISPLAY your prices in Danish Kroner on your checkout pages.

            That is the feature we would be adding for you here, and we cannot give an exact date on that at this time.

          • Hey @niko_imeraj:disqus, I’m not 100% sure how we will communicate it, but it will most likely be a blog post and/or email announcement. 🙂

  • Hey guys,

    I’ve been trying to use clickmagick for my ad/link tracking for my facebook advertising (tracking roi for my campaigns) but me and the team behind them are having so much trouble setting it up with samcart currently.

    Do you have a recommend service that works with samcart for this stuff or any updates on the new version to improve it at all?

    Thanks guys – excited 🙂

    • Hey @dean_phillips:disqus what problem are you running into? Any reason you’re not using Facebook conversion tracking pixels?

  • Rémy RC

    Hello guys, do you plan to integrate Samcart with MemberMouse?

    • Scott

      Yep! That’s been a membership tool plenty of people have asked for, and it is on our development list.

  • Scott

    Hey Matthew,

    You would be the first person to request this specific integration. Happy to integrate with whatever you guys ask for, we’ll take this as your vote for a CallLoop integration!

    • Would love this too (thought more people would have asked for it by now)

      • Scott

        Nope, you would be the first!

  • Mike

    Awesome, very excited!

    Is there a way using SamCart to deliver PDF downloads via single use URLs to protect from a purchaser sharing the link to a non-buyer?

    • Scott

      You’ve read our mind 🙂

      We do not host digital files for you just yet, but already working on it.

  • Jonathan FitzGordon

    Is there a date for when Samcart will integrate with paypal? Particularly for upsells?

    • Scott

      Hey Jonathan, that’s been mentioned in around in other comments, but we’re working on something pretty unique with PayPal.

      A basic PayPal integration will be ready shortly, and the advanced one we are working on will likely take 10-12 weeks to complete, test, and publish.

      • Jonathan FitzGordon

        Thanks Scott, I am also a Fan Funnel Coaching Program customer. Can you respond to my questions over there?

  • Ridwan

    Will it go live Sunday midnight? Or go live at some point during Monday?

    • Scott


  • Gil

    I’m trying to find the page or link to buy in for the $79 a month. I was watching the video and then my browser went down and I can’t find it now?

  • One last question (sorry to hi-jack – I’m just, if you hadn’t guessed, extremely excited for the new version of SC)

    Will we get the option to control our upsell yes and no links this time at all (we had the option before)?

    This would mean we could use FunnelTraxx to track our whole funnel with Samcart if so.

  • Brian

    Question: For Physical products that need to be shipped – Is There a place in Samcart to insert the package Tracking #’s that can be viewed later on customers account? Very inportant for customer service calls.

    • Scott

      Hey Brian,

      We have not built out many of the “physical product specific” features like this one.

      We will be moving quickly on physical product features like shipping integrations, shipping & handling charges, etc. soon after launch.

  • JJ

    Brian, you forgot to show your numbers for the 1-click upsells on the original $47 product.
    That would be a much better and honest case study.

    Original: $47 -> 197 -> ~$1000
    New: $10 -> $197 -> ~$1000

    You dropped front-end offer price by 78.7%. That means your volume would need to increase by 370% [(1/(1-78.7%)) -1] so get the same revenue. But your volume only increased by 113% (60 -> 128). You’ve forgone $1,540 on the front end.

    I’ve done this many times… my guess is that your upsells would be better with $47 dollar customers (but needs testing and the right offer positioning). Why? You’re tap a different market segment with cheaper products. A low front-end offer in terms of revenue optimisation only works in certain markets. Internet marketing is full of terrible heuristics like the ‘trip-wire’ offer. It’s a tactic not a strategy.

    This is a good story to sell one-click upsells but may be a terrible case study if you’re trying to show revenue optimisation. Without showing the funnel with $47 upfront offer, you haven’t shown anything worthwhile.


    • Hey JJ, I appreciate the comment, and a lot of it is valid…but I think you’re missing the point. #1 – my point in the post is simple: use 1-click upsells and you’re increase profits. Bottom line. Doesn’t matter if your “front-end” product is $10, $47, or $1,000. #2 – In the situation above, we’ll generate more revenue long term by having an extra 100 customers. Are they lower end customer, sure…but are there high end customers in that group, you better believe there are. Again, this isn’t worth debating about, because it’s just not the point of this post, and every situation, every market, is entirely different.

  • Daniel

    Am I correct to assume that you made over $20,000 from these 128 customers, combining all the monthly payments?

  • Is this working with membermouse and active campaign?

    • Scott

      Yes it is integrated with both of those tools @alex_sebastian:disqus!

  • Greg Baskin

    Hi Brian,

    I want to know if SamCart will integrate with Shopify?

    I want to be able to use it for physical products, not only digital.

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  • Michael Nefer

    Gift dont work! =(