10 Ways to Increase Your Checkout Page Conversion

If you’re selling anything online…you have a checkout page. And it probably looks something like this…


Most people settle for checkout page that look like this because…well…we have to.

Almost every “shopping cart software” out there ends up giving us something like this.

The bad news is, it ends up costing us sales…a lot of them. (studies show that ‘shopping cart abandonment’ is over 70% on average)

So, if you’re looking for quick and easy ways to make sure you stop losing sales…you’re in the right place.

We’ve tested every single one of these elements, and we’ve proven that each of these 10 tactics are the fastest way to eliminate cart abandonment, and guarantee you start converting more customers so you make more money.

Sound good?

Cool…let’s get started.

#1. Show Your Company’s Branding…


One of the biggest problems with using a 3rd party software to create your checkout pages is that your branding gets left out. Your potential customers end up visiting a page that doesn’t have your logo or branding on it, and they’re confused because they’re not sure where their money is going.

Remember to put your logo and brand colors on your checkout page so it matches your website and matches what your visitors will expect to see when buying from you.

*We’ve seen adding professional branding increase sales by up to 11%.

#2. Give Your Contact Info…


Provide some basic contact information (an email address, phone number, or live chat) and watch your sales spike as customers get their “last burning question” answered. Sometimes customers just need 1 simple answer to pull the trigger, so give them that answer any way you can.

On top of answering their pre-sale questions, offering contact information will boost the trustworthiness of your brand. By giving them easy ways to contact you, it won’t look like you’re hiding behind a computer screen. The end result? More sales for you.

*We’ve seen adding contact information increase sales by up to 17%.

#3. Show Buyers What They’re Buying…


Give your visitors something tangible to digest, and remind them of what they are buying with a simple product image.

If you’re selling digital products, pay a designer to create a physical mock-up of the actual product. If you’re selling a physical product, take a high quality photo of it. And if you’re selling a service, find an image that conveys the service you’re providing, and make sure it’s on your checkout page.

*We’ve seen adding a simple product image increase sales by up to 24%.

#4. Remind Buyers What They’re Buying…


Reminding your visitors of what they’re about to buy can go a long way towards boosting your conversions. Use your product description to highlight the main elements of whatever it is you’re selling.

*We’ve seen adding a product description increase sales by up to 15%.

#5. Brag About Your Guarantee…


If your product is backed by any type of guarantee, remind your potential buyers anywhere you can, including your checkout page. This helps give your future customers a sense of security because if you are willing to stand behind your product to eliminate any risk for them.

Here’s a good article explaining the power of guarantees on conversion rate.

*We’ve seen adding a guarantee increase sales by up to 81%.

#6. Remove Any Required Field You Can…


If you don’t need to collect your customer’s shipping address, don’t. If you don’t need their billing address, don’t ask for it. Whatever you don’t need, don’t ask them to spend time filling it out. Every required field you can eliminate will boost sales significantly.

*We’ve seen removing required fields increase sales by up to 35%.

#7. Restate the Benefits…


People buy from you because of the “benefits” your product or service delivers to them. They buy because of the end result they will experience. So make sure you remind them of the main benefits your product will deliver. We typically use bullets points to get the point across, but you can do this any way you’d like. Just don’t forget to do it.

*We’ve seen restating the benefits of a purchase increase sales by up to 63%.

This is also a great place to display any added bonuses included with their purchase, reminding customers why your offer is too good to pass up

Having the right bonuses with your products can make or break an offer, so if you’re including any, make sure you re-state them on your checkout page.

If a potential customer is sitting on the fence, a reminder of what a great product and offer they are getting can be enough to get them to click that final purchase button.

#8. Show Positive Reviews or Testimonials…


This is one of the most powerful elements of any checkout page. Right before someone gives your their credit information is the most important place to remind them that other people just like them have taken the leap of faith and not regretted it.

If you have success stories from past customers, don’t forget to show them off to your potential customers right at the point of sale.

*We’ve seen adding positive reviews or testimonials increase sales by up to 21%.

#9. Show Trust Badges and Seals…


Assure your customers that their information is safe and being placed into good hands. If your checkout page is 100% secure, display a badge that tells customers that.

If you’re highly rated with the Better Business Bureau, show that off too.

Anything that conveys trust from a 3rd party is a great way to jump-start your conversions and sales.

*We’ve seen adding trust symbols increase sales by up to 13%.

#10. Accept Both Credit Cards & PayPal…


Don’t limit how your customers can pay you! Offering both credit card payments and PayPal will significantly increase your cart conversion rate, and we’ve proved it at SamCart.

*We’ve seen accepting credit cards and PayPal increase sales by up to 27%.

Download Our ‘Perfect Checkout Page’ Template?

We’ve designed what we think is the “Perfect Checkout Page” and turned it into a template for you, so you can get all 10 of these checkout page hacks at once without paying a designer.

Click the image below to register for this week’s free master-class where we’re giving away this template and going over even more ways to boost your sales by optimizing your checkout process…

  • SamCart seems like the tool that will bring more internet marketers success based on the ease of use and all the thought behind the sales strategies at checkout. Nice job! Is there an affiliate program attached?

    • Thanks Jason, we’re coding out the affiliate platform as we speak 😉 #comingsoon

      • dave

        hey brian 2 questions? in the one click upsells – how can i add the price? thers’s literally no option for that & how can i integrate samcart with Digital Access Pass???? you guys said you integrated with them but i don’t see that option as well….

        • Hey Dave,

          All prices are set when you create a product. Then, you assign a product to an upsell offer. Then, when a customer accepts an upsell offer, they are charges the price you selected for that product. Hope that helps!

          And right now SamCart works great with DAP, however it is not yet a true integration. You can learn more about how SamCart allows you to use “Thank You Pages” and work out how that can work with your current DAP setup right here >> https://samcart.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=delivering&commit=Search

          • Hi Brian
            Any idea on timeline for full DAP integration?

            I have been trying to get feedback from your team and have received comments like “a priority” but nothing concrete as far as a date.

            Early August I was told 30-60 days away – is this still realistic? in other words – early October.


          • Joel Traugott

            Hi Kenneth,

            It’s not looking like we are going to make that date, but it’s something we are definitely working toward, so stay tuned!

  • Andy

    God Brian, why you so smart? 🙂

  • James

    Am I able to offer paypal as an option but Stripe as the default payment mechanism?


    • Hey James, right now it’s just major credit cards, but we’re working on the PayPal option. 🙂

  • Hey Brian

    I’m based in Australia so can’t use stripe at the moment. Does this mean I can’t use Samcart yet?

  • Hey Brian

    Looks like a fantastic product. If I already have a Stripe account can I still use your product?

    Also… Looks like your fees are higher than stripe… also wufuu integrates with stripe and does not charge fees…

    can you elaborate on these 3 points?

    Thank you in advance for u your reply,

    • Hey John, great question. We add the 1% on top because of all the extra features you get like 1-click upsells, analytics, etc. And yes, you can connect your previously created Stripe account with SamCart for sure. Hope that helps!

      • Hey Brian,

        Thanks for answering my questions. Love the 1-click upsell feature. Look forward to trying samcart out…

        For people who haven’t used stripe… it is the absolute easiest and quickest payment method I have ever set up.

        Glad to hear that your service integrates with stripe… it looks like a “No Brainer”

        Thanks again!

  • Hi Brian

    Could I please check if Samcart has good daily sales reporting and is the payment option a single page checkout for paypal integration?



    • Hey Glenn, we’re adding Paypal now, should be ready in a couple weeks for you.

  • Hey there Brian! I just purchased Samcart instead of shopify and it’s looking really cool. Is there an ETA on the Affiliate program? Thanks.

    • Hey Brian, we’re coding it out now 🙂 Should be ready by June 1.

      • Has the Affiliate Platform integration come into fruition?
        I saw that june 1st was the goal. 🙂

  • Is there a place i can put in a remarketing pixel and my own affiliate pixels so that I can attribute orders to their source?

    • Hey Tina, yeah you can add “campaign=abc” to any URL and SamCart will track it all for you.

  • Do we define the “thankyoupage”? I need to put an Adwords conversion pixel on the conversion page.

    • Hey Tina, the “Thank You” page is either the 1st Upsell page, or the “Thank You” page that you decide in the Product Settings page. If it’s the 1st Upsell page (assuming you have an upsell in place) then you can just add the AdWords pixel to the HTML editor for that 1st upsell. Does that help?

  • Sid


    Quick question. I have never created a order page. And Todd Brown recommend your service. My only question is, does it work internationally?

    I am from India and I will be targeting Indians. I don’t think we have Stripe here. Appreciate your help. 🙂

    • Hey Sid, Stripe is almost in India, but not yet. Don’t worry though, because we are adding other merchants next week. (Authorize.net, PayPal, etc) 🙂

  • You guys are awesome. I’ve been using SamCart for several weeks now. Love how simple the user interface is. Love the (free!) bells and whistles like upsell/downsell funnels and the analytics. Love the savings vs. other shopping cart with their added expense of merchant accounts.

    I cancelled my 1ShoppingCart account today! Thanks for creating this tool.

    • Awesome Kathy. So happy to hear you’re loving it so far. Keep us posted on features that would help you out even more.

  • Derrick


    Is there anything special we have to do if we are using optimizemember as our membership portal? Does samcart need an integration before it’s easy for non-coders to hook it up with our membership process? Just curious from that end.


  • Christine

    From what I’ve seen, this doesn’t seem like a product for ecommerce use when it is necessary to ship product, but instead, only for digital, correct?

    • Hey Christine, we’re about to launch the new shipping features for SamCart early next week that will work 100% for ecommerce based sites. We’ll keep you posted.

  • HI Brian
    Could I please check if Samcart has the following capability:

    * full capture of name and address data
    * daily sales reporting capability

    many thanks


    • Hey Glenn, 100% SamCart does both for you 🙂

  • Amy

    In regards to #4: Don’t Ask For Tons of Information… what if within a single shop there are both physical and downloadable products? Would SamCart know when to display the shipping address field and when not to?

    For example, if a customer ONLY purchases a downloadable product, they would NOT see the mailing address form fields. Whereas if they purchase both a physical product as well as a downloadable product, they WOULD see the shipping address form field.

    Also, I assume SamCart is a hosted solution (like a Shopify). Or is it a self-hosted solution (like Magento)? Can you clarify?

    If it’s the former, is there an option to use a domain name like shop.mywebsite.com?

    A client of mine has shown interest in SamCart (they liked how customers can be automatically added to Aweber) and I want to make sure it’s the right solution for her needs.

    Thank you!

    • Hey Amy, yep SamCart will know when to ask for shipping and when not to…you get to pick all of that yourself so it’s super convenient for you. And yes, we’re a hosted solution so you don’t have to worry about coding, installation, or your site going down, etc. And yes, we’re adding the ability to have your own custom URL display, but it’s not ready quite yet.

      • Dave

        2 years and counting…

        • Dave

          custom URL is a no brainer and still not available

  • Amy

    One more… is SamCart PCI Compliant? I assume so since SamCart uses Stripe.js (https://support.stripe.com/questions/do-i-need-to-be-pci-compliant-what-do-i-have-to-do)

    I know that’s a lot of questions 🙂 Just want to makes sure I have all the info before I make a recommendation to my client.

    • Yep, we’re 100% compliant Amy 🙂

      • Zack

        This is the number one question from my clients since many of them have businesses in the financial industry. It would probably increase Samcart sales to have a PCI compliant notification or badge on the main page as well as the signup pages.

        Thanks, looks really interesting!

  • Brian,
    Is SamCart able to integrate with Bigcommerce?

    • Not just yet, but we think we’ll be able to do it.

      • Hi Brian: Have you done this integration yet? I see that this was asked 2 years ago. My website is also on the Bigcommerce platform. Please let me know as it’s obviously a deal breaker.

  • I am currently using aMemeber as my membership site software. Can aMember be easily intergrated with SamCart?

  • Julian

    Hey Brian, I’m interested in utilizing your shopping cart. I have a few different businesses that I want to use to for… will I have to set up an account for each business if I want to have the payment page branded for each business? I have one main business and all the others are listed as DBAs under this 1 main. So I’ll use the info from my main account for signup, but ideally I’d like to be able to have the DBA info appear on the checkout page so my customers don’t get confused. Please let me know what is the best approach for this.


    • Hey Julian, for right now you’ll need multiple accounts, especially if you want what appears on the credit card statement of your customers to reflect what brand they bought from.

  • Hey Brain,
    I am working up my new wordpress woocommerce website. we use pay pal pro can I substitute the samcart for the cart that is built in to the woocommerce module. if so would it be hard to do I am a one man show here! We sell framed art and we offer options on the page for the artwork the customer is interested in. not sure with that already in place how I would use the samcart if in fact I can. I have got many of your programs now really like the look and feel of the cart hope it will work for me. thanks look forward to hearing from you.

    • Sam

      In the same boat as Joe. Would love to know how it works with WordPress and Woocommerce.

    • Brad Walker

      I need to know the same thing…

    • Dee

      Would love to know this also…

  • Miquel

    I don’t see how to integrate this with Amember. you say its possible in the video but there is no info, no contact in the website and I don’t find samcart in amember pluguins ( https://www.amember.com/p/main/paysystems/ )

    Any help?

  • Hey,

    I am based in Australia and I want to charge in AU dollars using SamCart. Is this possible?

    I signed up for Stripe (BETA).


    • Yep, we just added AU dollars support for ya 🙂

  • Mark

    Brian, It looks like you are putting out a great product, although I have a PayPal account for doing all of that. What’s the difference between Samcart and PayPal? I have one more ?. On your product “Get 10K fans, will you be offering PayPal as a payment option anytime soon? Will you be able to do that?

    • Hey Mark!

      Great question. Paypal is your payment processor. It collects money and allows you to withdrawal it into your bank account after a few days waiting period. SamCart is not a payment processor, but instead integrates with powerful payment processors like Stripe and Authorize.net to handle payments securely.

      SamCart gives you powerful features such as one-click upsells, email marketing integrations, recurring payments, coupons, free trials, beautiful analytics, and more. Add these features to the personal control you gain by not relying on PayPal, and SamCart is simply a great solution for anyone who wants to grow online.

  • Hi Brian, When will you guys fully integrate with aMember membership plugin for WordPress?



    • Hey Steve,

      We are just wrapping up our very first Member’s Tool integration with Wishlist Member. We are going to move quickly into integrating with several other membership tools. We will start with the most popular requests from our current customers, the more requests we get for a single tool, the faster we can build it out!

  • mitch

    about to jump on board fast once these little questions are answered cuz it seems AWESOME and as a customer of your products i know you will deliver…

    i currently use 1shopping cart SIMPLY as a “cart” (i got rid of my a.net account) and all orders that come through get sent to me in an email marked as an “OFFLINE ORDER” and then i take the customers cc details and name and load them up in my own system manually (chargeanywhere.com) for that initial payment and for their recurring payments. i have many clients on recurring all wiithin the same system and would like to keep it that way.

    QUESTION 1: can i use samcart strictly as a “BEAUTIFUL CART” without anyone else like stripe a.net or paypal charging the client?

    QUESTION 2: Do i get immediate access to the customers FULL cc details so i can charge them manually with the system ive been using for years?

    QUESTION 3: can we use zopim actually on our CHECKOUT PAGE? that would be awesome

    LAST QUESTION 4: can the analytics give me SEPARATE data on cart abandonment regarding MOBILE and DESKTOP or is it all rolled into one?

    • Joel Traugott

      Hey Mitch,

      All great questions. Here’s what we have for you..

      1) At this time, we do not offer that feature. As we move through Beta, we are happy to continue to add features like this one as customers continue to request them.
      2) As per PCI compliance rules, you do not get access to the Customer’s full CC details, however SamCart has a feature where you can one-click add a product/subscription to a customers credit card on file. So you are not liable should any sensitive info be compromised, but you still have the same benefit of being able to add orders without needing customers to resubmit their info.
      3) Yes! We use it ourselves, and so can you.
      4) At this time, these statistics are not broken down by Mobile and Desktop, however this is something we would be happy to build into our analytics as customers continue to request this.

  • mitch

    total BUMMER Joel as I have my cc in hand LOL…2 things and thanks for the fast response and dialog

    1. if samcart is going to be a “cart” like 1shoppingcart and if I am going to leave the reliability of 1sc then I feel having the option for a simple “OFFLINE order” just like 1sc does should be in there….may not be that hard to do so please consider as I know many people who use 1sc as I do

    then anyone who uses anything can use samcart!

    The WHOLE PURPOSE samcart was a consideration for me was because of the look. The look will increase conversions especially on mobile.

    I run lots of facebook ads and the 1sc look on mobile sucks. its a 5 page process LOL which brings me to my last point

    2. splitting analytics up between mobile checkouts and desktop checkouts would be a GAME CHANGER. when you run fb ads, you can make the determination if the mobile checkout “look” is working and if its better to market to mobile or desktop or both.

    im in thre market searching for a better “mobile checkout page look” and I was hoping samcart would be it.

    Even if you dont add the analytics splitting, I would be in RIGHT NOW if you added the “offline order” feature like 1sc has. hope you do and others want it

  • rani

    I would also like the “offline order” feature as I also use a different system and currently use oneshopping cart. That would be sweeeeeet

  • Brian, I am close to pulling the trigger on SC although it seems minor its a big benefit and risk eliminator for my prospects, and sets me apart from all competitors in my market… I have offered a ONE Year money back guarantee on my physical product (for over 6 yrs now)…can the guarantee icon be customized to say ONE YEAR or perhaps 360 Days? One year has more impact however.

  • How do I integrate the Zopim Live Chat to my Samcart?

    • Hey Anthony, you would just paste the Zopim code into the box we provide on the Settings page. It’s super easy. It will then be on every checkout page and ready for you to start chatting.

  • So as far as conversions go, are you recommending the 1 page checkout over the popup for better conversions?

    • Hey Tim, I would test it. Sometime the pop=up works better, sometimes it doesn’t.

  • Jeff

    Samcart is great and features are really coming together 🙂

    Is there a time frame we could expect to be able to control a delay for the “add to order” button and “no thanks” links on an upsell page?

    And what about customizing those texts too?

    Any time frame?

    (Seems like 99.9999% less work than membership integrations and instant and immediate value in increased conversions for probably nearly all samcart users)

  • Good article. I am going through some of these issues as well..

  • Quality articles is the important to attract the people to
    pay a visit the website, that’s what this website is providing.

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  • Claudio Schmidt

    What platform?

  • Laura

    Hi. Does Samcart intergrate with Afterpay for Australian Ecommerce stores? I’m thinking of using it for my Big Commerce store. Do you have IT experts on the ground in Australia that can install Samcart on my Bigcom site (for a fee)? There is no way I’d be able to do it myself. Cheers

  • nice