[Infusionsoft Case Study] How To Capture 29.3% More Sales Using SamCart

If you’re using Infusionsoft and have been at all frustrated with the process of customizing your checkout page (or order form), creating 1-click upsells, or getting the analytics you need…this story will give you some hope.

Rocky Ullah (a heavy Infusionsoft user) runs Freak Athletics, a site dedicated to training basketball players and coaches to improve their skills on the court.

With over 1,000,000 Facebook fans and over 17,000,000 hits on Youtube, Freak Athletics is the largest basketball training site online.

To date, Freak Athletics has sold over 50,000 products in their 7 year climb to the top of their market.

Rocky Ullah Freak Athletics Youtube

But even with all of his success, there has been plenty of struggle along the way…

The Familiar Struggle…

For years, Rocky and his team bounced from shopping cart to shopping cart, trying to find the tool that would allow them to control the most important part of their business: accepting orders from customers.

Rocky tried 1ShoppingCart, but it lacked some advanced features he needed.

He tried ClickBank, but found that their design hurt conversions and was, “tired of waiting for approval on my own checkout process.”

He tried using just PayPal, but he couldn’t customize his checkout pages, get the stats he needed, or use 1-click upsells…and as he put it, “Support was a nightmare, and we were putting our business into someone else’s hands. At any point, we could get shut off and that would be it.”

He tried smaller sites like DealGuardian, but was kicked off “without warning”. And lastly, they moved to InfusionSoft. He loved Infusionsoft’s marketing automation, but there were still a few things he couldn’t do easily.

He explained, “Infusion can do anything, but I’m just not a coder. I can’t completely customize my checkout pages, setup split tests, or create 1-click upsells without shelling out tons of money to designers and developers.”

Then Rocky found SamCart…

The Decision That Changed Everything…

Rocky ran across and ad for SamCart and noticed it was built specifically for people looking to increase sales by customizing their checkout page, creating 1-click upsells, and digging into advanced analytics…and then he noticed that it was built to work seamlessly with Infusionsoft.

“I was tired of switching from tool to tool all the time, and a mentor of mine suggested SamCart. So we gave it a shot and have never looked back,” said Rocky.

In just a few minutes, Rocky had his products setup on beautifully designed checkout pages, created his first one-click upsell, and integrated his InfusionSoft account directly to his new checkout process.

He instantly noticed a difference in his sales, “Before SamCart, we would sell 15-20 products a day. We now sell 30-40 products a day. I wish I could go back and force myself to use SamCart sooner. I had no idea how much money I was losing until I tried it out. We used to be happy making $400 in sales on any given day, but that average has more than doubled to over $1,000/day.”

He would go on to explain, “It is not as if we are getting more traffic than we ever did in the past, but SamCart’s design and one-click upsells have made a huge difference in our sales.

Why Sales Are Up 29.3%…

Rocky and his team had used upsells before with other shopping cart tools. But they didn’t seem to make a big difference in their sales.

Rocky’s main product is called, “Can’t Be Guarded”, and it costs $29.00.

So when Freak Athletics was using PayPal or even Clickbank for their checkouts, a customer would buy the product for $29.00, and then be on their way.

But when Rocky started using SamCart’s one click upsells, everything changed.

Freak Athletics’ one-click upsell funnel is adding an average of $36.78 in additional revenue per customer that buys “Can’t Be Guarded”.

Freak Athletics Upsell Numbers

So simply by adding in a one-click upsell funnel, Freak Athletics is turning every $29.00 customer into a $65.78 customer! And over time, that additional revenue really started to add up…

Over the past 12 months, one-click upsells have added an additional $36,773.45 in revenue to Freak Athletics bottom line. That’s 29.3% in extra sales just from one-click upsells.

Which makes it easy to understand why Rocky wishes he would have started using them sooner!

I asked Rocky why he thought SamCart’s upsells worked so well for him, when other tools had not. He simply said, “SamCart is so easy to setup, and easy to use. Other tools can’t compete with how easy SamCart makes the checkout process for our customers.”

What could adding just a single 1-click upsell add to your business?

How the InfusionSoft Integration Works…

What’s nice about Samcart is it was built with Infusionsoft users in mind. That means that you can setup your products inside SamCart, and anytime someone buys you can add them as a contact inside Infusionsoft, with all the proper attributes and tags.

You can even add and/or remove separate tags if the customer refunds that order.

InfusionSoft SamCart Checkout Integration

Everything stays the same inside of Infusionsoft: your emails are sent out, membership levels are added, and everyone is happy, especially you, because now you’re converting more leads into customers, and you’re generating more revenue per customer.

Taking Back Control

Here’s what SamCart has done for Freak Athletics’ sales numbers in just the last year…

These results are almost exclusively because of their new 1-click upsells and high converting checkout page designs.

“SamCart is just faster, easier, and more responsive than anything I have used before. My checkout pages load quickly. Orders are processed super fast. Upsells are so easy to create, and I’m in complete control. I don’t have to rely on approval from anyone. I don’t need to hire designers or coders. I don’t have to worry about cash flow, money just lands right in my bank account. I’ve been with SamCart since Beta was out, and so much has changed. I can’t wait to see what you guys do next.” – Rocky Ullah

Are You Using Infusionsoft?

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve had similar frustrations in your own business, and how you think having a solution like this would help you out.

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  • Russell Kempster

    I notice the checkout page does not require the customer’s address, I tested this in the beta version, the option to leave out the address in the checkout process in the ‘live’ version doesn’t seem to be available. I’m a just over looking it somewhere?

    • Hey @russellkempster:disqus we’ll literally adding that feature right now. Hopefully it’s available today or tomorrow. We’ll keep ya posted 🙂

      • Russell Kempster

        Thanks Brian

  • What kind of Ontraport integration is there? Right now I’m about to start testing UltraCart to use as the shopping cart, then post all the order info (sales, refunds, declines etc) to OAP for use as a CRM and marketing automation tool … would love to test out SamCart too if it can do all that! Other question is the NMI gateway, which is what I use to load-balance multiple merchant accounts.

    • Hey @fjr2112:disqus we work with NMI right now 🙂 and Ontraport is being release in April, so you should be all set.

  • Stan

    does it integrate with Kajabi?

    • Also curious on this – I use Kajabi for nearly everything now

      • Hey @stan and @fjr2112:disqus, you need to talk to Kajabi on this. We’ve asked them about integrating and they said no, so we’re not sure what to do at this point for people like you.

  • Hi Brian,

    As a member of your 10000fans training, and countless other of your products, I’m on the fence.
    What sort of intergration do you have with wordpress if any. You see my field is web design, and I want to work upsells into my funnel. Currently using woo-commerce as my shopping cart. Obviously there is no comparison between the two (Sam cart wins for checkout) but is there a way to communicate with my shop so I can use the samcart payment checkout instead of the ugly woo-commerce one. I see by watching the video on the home page you intergrate with some of the popular wordpress membership sites. I can only assume with demand you may offer ways or addons/plugins to intergrate it with others. (be happy to pay for a plugin to intergrate)

    I see that in quite of few of the comment threads, there are questions about other intergrations, maybe creating a dedicated page and list current, and future intergrations, would cut down on these questions, and squash the doubt in our minds. And maybe worth fixing that features link, from the home page it goes to a blog post, from the blog post it goes to the home page. But there is no clear page with features broken down into full details, like you’d expect if you were looking at a software or service.

    Also wondering how we would place these into existing funnels, built with optimise press or instabuilder. Do you have payment buttons like Jvzoo?

    Look just throwing it out there how about a comparison chart (you know the ones with the ticks and crosses), comparing popular shopping carts like deal guardian, 1shoppingcart, etc.

    Look forward to your responses, sorry for the long post, just getting them all out there.

    • Scott

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for the feedback! We’ve been hustling to get SamCart out there, add new features, etc. I can assure you a more in depth look at our features is on the way after we get out of this first week.

      And our upsell pages are completely made and hosted on SamCart. So you would not be making upsell pages with any outside tools.

      • Hey Scott,

        Thanks for your response, yeah I jumped in and got the monthly at the cheaper rate, what’s the chance that in the account area, we can upgrade to yearly rates when my cash-flow becomes better.

        Also something that’s missing from the outset is an invoice/receipt, The purchase of this shopping cart is after all for a business, and I expected receiving a receipt via email for my purchase, but alas. Thoughts?

  • When will you be integrating OptimizeMember? The new interface is awesome btw and made so much easier.

    • Scott

      Yep, working with James Dyson and the team at OP.

      Glad you enjoy everything so far!

      • Great! is there an ETA on when it will be released?

  • Brian – In the US we need to have a way to collect state sales tax – when we tried the SamCart before that feature wasn’t programmed in – we went woocommerce in WP – We’re back to lunching about 20 new websites for product – Does the upgraded version have the ability to (field) to break out the required sales tax – (We’re currently in 17 states) Each state has a different sales tax % – This is a biggy for US business.

    • Sales tax is already underway!

      That’s a big feature with a lot of moving parts. So stay tuned for updates on that one.

    • Grant Eagle

      Yeah this is massive for a lot of us… A REPLY FROM SAMCART WOULD BE NICE!

  • Amazing tips. Thanks a lot for this.